4 Advantages Of Having Well Water In Florida

4 Advantages Of Having Well Water In Florida

In Florida, we are fortunate enough to live above an intricate natural aquifers system from which we can draw well water. Owning a private well proves beneficial for many homeowners, granting them convenient access to quality water, freedom from pricey utility bills, and even increasing their property value. Nonetheless, there’s still some debate over whether well water is genuinely superior to city water.

If you’ve been trying to decide whether to opt for a private well or city water on your property, take a moment to consider a few of the following advantages of having well water in Florida.

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It’s Cheaper

One of the most significant advantages to owning a private well is saving money on monthly utility bills. A private water supply means you don’t have to worry about paying the fees associated with accessing a municipal water source. Sure, well owners have to pay for the upkeep of their well, but those costs pale in comparison to pricey utility payments. If cost-efficiency is something you value, installing a private water well is likely the right choice for you.

It’s Cleaner

Well water is cleaner, healthier, and fresher than city water. That’s not to say city water is dirty or inherently hazardous, merely that well water contains many beneficial minerals that city water does not. This is because cities typically treat public water with fluoride and chlorine to purify it of any contaminants. Unfortunately, purifying water using harsh chemicals also removes the beneficial minerals found within it. However, well water retains those minerals, resulting in more natural, arguably better tasting, drinking water.

It’s More Reliable

Water is necessary to life, so having access to a reliable water source is a must-have. In general, private wells are far more reliable sources than municipal water sources. The sheer size and scale of public water systems make them tough to maintain. Not to mention, a problem anywhere in such an extensive system can have far-reaching effects. Unexpected emergencies such as broken water mains or widespread contamination aren’t uncommon with public water systems. Conversely, well owners know exactly where their water is coming from, how it’s been treated, and can quickly address any problems that arise to get their water supply back to normal.

It’s Easy To Maintain

The only reason someone might opt for city water over a private water well is if they’re worried the upkeep will be too much work. Fortunately, wells are reasonably easy to maintain! As long as well owners are paying attention to the state of their water, remaining vigilant for problems such as a change in the water’s smell or taste, and have their water tested annually by our water treatment professionals — they’re covered.