Water Treatment & Well Pump Repair In Gainesville, FL

Gainesville’s Residential & Commercial Water Treatment & Drilling Experts

While many folks know North Florida Water Systems Inc. as well drilling and pump repair experts, we’re also a premier source of water treatment services in Gainesville, FL. Having a clean water supply isn’t just important for everyday chores, such as washing clothes or bathing, but it’s also essential for health. As experts in residential and commercial water treatments, we’ll make sure your water is crisp, healthy, and pure.

There are guidelines for the maximum amount of contaminants permitted in a municipal water supply. According to a 2018 water report from Gainesville Regional Utilities, tap water in Gainesville contains several contaminants, including lead, copper, sodium, haloacetic acids, and coliform bacteria. Since these contaminants are below the maximum contaminant level (MCL), the water is still considered safe and drinkable. However, this water could pose health risks for people with weak immune systems, while hard water, water with dissolved minerals, and acidic water can also damage plumbing.

One advantage of choosing our water treatment company in Gainesville is that we’re familiar with the city’s water conditions and can create personalized treatment solutions to meet your water needs.

We also offer residential and commercial well drilling and water pump repair services for Gainesville residents who aren’t connected to the municipal water-supply system, as well as those who live in the city limits but use private wells.

What sets North Florida Water Systems Inc. apart from other drilling companies in Gainesville? We use only premium materials, advanced drilling processes, and are adaptable to various situations. As Gainesville grows, for example, rural homes and businesses that need wells are being built or renovated at a fast pace. We can install a high-quality well in the early phases of construction to ensure a structure has a clean and reliable water supply. We can also replace old or malfunctioning well pumps (such as pumps that leak or have low water pressure) for improved service and increased home’s values.

Sometimes, wells were installed incorrectly by other drillers, or the wells have been neglected and need repairs. Older wells, especially, tend to have steel casings that can rust, corrode, or have sand intrusion that leads to leaks and contamination. We schedule well pump repairs as well as respond 24/7 for emergency calls, because no one should have to go without water for even one day.

To avoid water problems, we also recommend you schedule annual well and pump service. Preventative well maintenance is not only affordable but also saves money down the road.

At North Florida Water Systems Inc., a testament to our quality, integrity, and expertise is the fact that we’ve been in business locally in the Gainesville area since 1974. As a family-owned and -operated company, we’re known for our friendly customer service and honest business practices. We’re also licensed and insured, so our customers can put their trust in our results. To discuss our water treatments, well installations, or service plans, contact us today!