Water Well Drilling & Pump Repair In Lake City, FL

Lake City’s Commercial & Residential Well Drilling, Pump Repair & Water Treatment Experts

At North Florida Water Systems Inc., our drilling experts offer high-quality well drilling and well pump repairs in Lake City, FL, for residential and commercial water systems. From drilling new wells and maintaining current ones to repairing well pumps and installing water treatment systems, our services provide local homes and businesses with access to crisp, clean, and pure water.

Living in a semi-rural landscape, many residents of Lake City depend on wells as their primary water supply. In addition to drinking water, well water is used for plumbing and manufacturing, as well as irrigation for lawns, gardens, and agriculture. While most wells appear similar, not all well drilling companies in Lake City offer the same quality of service. North Florida Water Systems Inc. stands out because we use innovative drilling processes, rust-resistant materials, and dependable pump motors. Wells must be able to withstand year-round weather conditions in Lake City, where temperatures can routinely dip down in the winter. Our innovative drilling and installation methods ensure your well lasts through the winter, summer, and every other season for years to come.

The population of Lake City and nearby areas of Columbia County is expected to increase in the coming years. As new homes and businesses are built, and existing structures are renovated, our team can provide well drilling and other services at these locations. A high-quality water well not only boosts a property’s value but also ensures its household members or employees have consistently clean water.

Our well drillers also provide service and repairs for well water pumps to help keep water systems functional and prevent costly repairs down the line. If an urgent repair is needed, such as your well casing has sprung a leak, or the water pressure drops suddenly because the pump isn’t working, we’re also available 24/7 for emergency service.

North Florida Water Systems Inc. is also a leading provider of water treatment in Lake City. When it comes to water quality, there are legal and health guidelines that determine how much contaminants can be in the water, but these levels are usually higher than most people realize or would want. A recent water quality report found Lake City’s public water supply contains elevated levels of haloacetic acids — acidic water is linked to corrosion and staining of plumbing pipes and fixtures — as well as other contaminants, such as lead, that could pose health risks. Whether you derive water from a well or the municipal water supply, our residential and commercial water treatments, such as water softeners and water filtration systems, can provide purer, healthier water for drinking, agriculture, and more.

When you hire North Florida Water Systems Inc., one quality you can always count on is our industry experience — we’ve been in the well and pump repair business in the local area since 1974! And as a family-owned and -operated business, we also pride ourselves on providing friendly customer service and having business practices that reflect the honesty and integrity of our family values. To schedule well and pump services in Lake City, contact us today!