Water Well Drilling & Pump Repair In Alachua, FL

Alachua’s Residential & Commercial Well Drilling, Pump Repair & Water Treatment Experts

North Florida Water Systems Inc. provides water well drilling and well pump repair services in Alachua so residents can have clean drinking water at their homes and businesses. While some households receive water from the municipal water-supply system, many people in Alachua depend on personal wells for their water. If a well malfunctions (leaks or loses pressure) or produces undrinkable (contaminated) water, that’s more than an inconvenience — it’s a potential health hazard. That’s why, in addition to water well drilling, we also offer water pump repairs and well water treatments.

Whether you need a new well drilled, a well pump replacement, or your water quality improved, contact us for water system services to make sure your family has clean drinking water.

What makes our wells stand out from the rest? It’s the combination of the quality materials and advanced drilling methods we use. First, our well drillers drill the well using an efficient process known as a mud rotary drilling. Then they install PVC casings and pumps powered by two-wire motors. Unlike the old-school steel casings, some water well drilling companies in Alachua still use, our PVC casings are resistant to rust, corrosion, and sand intrusion. The result is a longer-lasting, higher-quality well your family can trust. Finally, a motorized pump is installed to retrieve water from the well. Rather than finicky three-wire motors, our pumps only use two-wire motors, which last longer and are less likely to break down — we use the same pumps at our homes.

Contaminant-free water is critical for taste and health. The most common water quality problems in Alachua are acidity, which leads to corroded plumbing pipes and fixtures, and chemical contamination, which creates health risks. In the city’s recent Annual Quality Water Report, lead, arsenic, and nitrates from fertilizer were just a few of the contaminants in the public water supply. At North Florida Water Systems Inc., we offer residential and commercial water treatments to ensure your family enjoys the cleanest water available.

Given our years of drilling experience and familiarity with local water conditions in Alachua, we can recommend the right solutions to improve your water quality. Water softeners, for example, can eliminate harsh minerals that cause scaling on plumbing fixtures, while water treatment systems can filter out contaminants that affect the taste and threaten health.

As a family-owned and -operated business that’s licensed and insured and has been serving folks locally since 1974, North Florida Water Systems Inc. is Alachua’s trusted well drilling and pump repair company. Whether you have a residential or commercial well, count on our team to provide cost-effective service as well as results that stand the test of time. To schedule water well and pump service, contact us today!