Water Well Drilling & Pump Repair In High Springs, FL

High Springs’ Residential & Commercial Well Drilling, Pump Installation & Water Treatment Experts

From canoeing to diving, water activities are central to the High Springs lifestyle. Another concern for local homeowners and businesses, though, is having access to purified water for drinking, washing laundry, and running the plumbing. At North Florida Water Systems Inc., our goal is to provide clean water to every residential and commercial customer through water treatments, well drilling, and well pump repairs in High Springs, FL. Having worked in the water services industry since 1974, we have the expertise to provide your home or business with its ideal water system.

If you live within the city limits, your water is likely provided by the City of High Springs municipal water supply. One way to ensure your water is as pure, healthy, and tasty as possible is to have us install a water treatment system. In a recent water quality report, the city found its water contains inorganic contaminants and disinfectants, such as arsenic, lead, and haloacetic acid. While these are below the legal limit, they still reduce the water’s quality. Adding a whole house water filter, such as a water softener or water filtration system to remove contaminants, would make your water better for drinking and less hazardous for plumbing fixtures and appliances.

For residents in rural areas of High Springs who live outside the public water supply, private wells are the preferred source of water. Based on your household or business’s size, the topography of the property, and the choicest aquifer, our drilling company will design a well with an adequate capacity of superior quality water to satisfy your present and future needs. Our water well drilling services can be coordinated with the construction or renovation of a building, or we can provide them as a standalone service to replace older wells or expand home water systems. Because we use a high-tech drilling process and durable materials, our wells are both resistant to rust and corrosion and able to withstand the severe weather that comes through High Springs.

Our team is familiar with all brands and types of water wells — from old-style wells to the latest models — so we can perform preventative maintenance on any residential or commercial system. We inspect the casings for leaks, the well water for contamination, and the pump motor for worn-out parts. Just one appointment each year is all that’s needed to maintain a well and avoid costly future repairs.

Unfortunately, not every well drilling company in High Springs shares our commitment for quality. But when a poorly installed pump breaks down, we can provide scheduled pump repair service or 24/7 emergency service. Since our company is based locally, our technicians can arrive in a matter of minutes to restore the water.

High Springs is a small community with a family atmosphere, which is perfect for our style of customer service. On every job, we provide service that reflects the honest values of our family-owned and -operated company. Our business is also licensed and insured so that our customers have extra confidence in the quality of our results. To schedule water treatment or pump repairs, please contact us today!