Common Issues With Florida Water

No matter the quality of your well water in the past, there’s always the possibility water can start tasting funny or become contaminated. Ideally, your water should have little to no taste or smell. If you detect a strong flavor or odor, it could indicate contamination, in which case the water should be tested to make sure it’s safe for drinking.

In Florida, there’s a plentiful supply of groundwater — more than 90 percent of the state’s water for drinking, bathing, laundry, agriculture, and other purposes comes from groundwater wells. As groundwater seeps into the Earth, it’s automatically filtered by sediment layers. However, simply because groundwater is purified naturally doesn’t mean it’s not also vulnerable to contamination. Consider these four common problems with water in Florida from our water well company, and be sure to schedule routine water testing with North Florida Water Systems Inc, to ensure your drinking water is safe year after year.

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