6 Benefits Of Hand Pumps

6 Benefits Of Hand Pumps

When it comes to water wells, hand pumps are often overlooked or considered inferior to electrical water pumps. While it is true hand pumps may require some additional labor and maintenance, they also offer many surprising benefits compared to electrical water pumps. Even if just as a backup system, we highly suggest considering the following advantages of hand pumps from our water well company.

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Easy To Install

Unlike their electric counterparts, hand pumps are simple to install as they don’t require complex parts or an extensive line of tools. In fact, many well owners tackle hand pump installations as DIY projects because it only takes a bit of research and time to do it properly. Additionally, they can be easily installed in existing wells as a primary or backup pump or can seamlessly be added as part of new well drilling.


Another great thing about hand pumps is their cost matches their simplicity. In fact, their low price makes for an easy entry point to gain access to a well and reap all of its benefits. Additionally, because they don’t require electricity to run, you can save money on the cost of utilities to power.

No Power Required

While not requiring electricity will save you money, it also gives you increased options as to where you can install your pump. Perfect for off-grid or remote locations, hand pumps are a popular choice for property owners that don’t want to be confined by their access to power.


Because hand pumps aren’t composed of multiple little or complex pieces, they’re actually pretty resilient. In fact, when maintained properly, most hand pumps can go their entire lifespan without requiring well pump repairs. Additionally, if repairs are needed, they can often be more straightforward to troubleshoot than electrical pumps.

Increased Safety

Unlike other types of well water pumps, hand pumps are completely sealed and encased within the system, so it’s less likely the water will become contaminated from outside sources. However, we still suggest well owners have annual water testing and treatment to ensure the highest quality and safety for their water, especially if used for drinking, bathing, washing dishes or clothes, or giving to pets.


Hand pumps work well with shallow and deep wells, offering an extra layer of versatility. This can be helpful whether you’re using the hand pump as the primary pump or as a secondary pump in the case of power outages.