New Wells

From construction of new wells to servicing existing ones, we do it all. All wells are drilled with the most efficient and modern technology utilizing PVC casing and drop pipe to provide a well that is superior in construction and reliability. We install PVC wells which resist rust, corrosion, rotting and sand infusion for a longer lasting, higher quality well. We offer sales and service for both residential and commercial applications. With our years of experience we have the expertise to make your drilling experience or service needs a success. Let us put our expertise to work for you. You will not find a more professional or committed well drilling company in the Northern Florida area than ours. We are here to help you with all of your water well drilling needs.


North Florida Water Systems, Inc. operates a modern rotary drilling rig utilizing mud and air. Owner, Robert L. McMillan, Sr., and his son, Robert Jr., are personally involved in the drilling of your well and are committed to providing you with a well that produces quality water.

All wells are drilled utilizing a method known as “mud rotary.” An 8 ½” hole is drilled down into the aquifer. A 4″ PVC casing is then set in the hole. At the end of the job Bentonite grout (dry clay added to water to make slurry) is pumped around the casing. The well is capped off with cement at the top of the well. All wells are drilled with the most efficient and modern technology utilizing PVC casing and drop pipe to provide a well that is superior in construction and reliability. Pump service is available for all makes and models of pumps by our trained professional staff. We are licensed and insured and all of our work is guaranteed for one year.

Our goal at North Florida Water Systems, Inc. is to provide professional, quality work with every service.

A quality constructed well is one of the most valuable assets on your property and will furnish clean, pure water for your family for years to come. That said, it makes sense to go with best materials available. In the early days of business we drilled a well by driving steel casing into the ground and many contractors still utilize this method. The main problem with steel is that it rusts. When water and soils mix they form a reaction that can actually cause holes to be cut in the casing. Needless to say, this can cause your well to become contaminated with sand. Over the years we have witnessed numerous occurrences of this and made the decision to no longer drill utilizing steel casing but to use PVC exclusively. This change ensures that we provide a well that is superior in construction to our competitors.


Getting Started

When you first contact us about drilling a well we will discuss the location of your property and the pricing options. Once you've decided to use North Florida Water Systems we will need to obtain the necessary information to apply for a permit from the appropriate water management district. This information includes:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address (Both Mailing And Property)
  • Legal Description (Section, Township, and Range)
  • Parcel Number
  • Driving Directions

This information can be provided by fax or via phone. Once received, we will place you on our drilling schedule. The day the well is to be drilled we will meet you at the property to endorse the contract and determine the proper site for the well. If this is not possible, alternate arrangements can be made.

Let us put our many years experience to work for you, we would love to involve you in all steps of the drilling process. Please contact us today for more information.