Water Treatment

North Florida Water Systems strives to provide the best quality ground water possible. That said, at times, water from wells has a high concentration of minerals that must be treated and removed. With years of experience treating ground water we can recommend and provide a solution that best suits your needs.

Typical Water Problems

  • Turbidity – A measure of suspended particles in water from large (sand) to small (sediment).
  • Hardness – Refers to the quantity of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. When warmed or combined with soap these minerals react and form a scale or residue that is difficult to clean and forms deposits over time.
  • Acidity – Excessively acidic water causes corrosion and staining in plumbing and fixtures.
  • Iron – Water that may appear clear when drawn but turns red when exposed to air. It causes reddish brown stains on clothing and fixtures.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – Smells like rotten eggs. It results from decay of organic matter and certain types of bacteria.
  • Iron Bacteria – Small living organisms which naturally occur in soils and ground water that continually multiply and grow.

We install water softeners and water treatment systems. A good, safe water supply at your home is not only a necessity but an asset to your property, providing long-term benefits. Contact us to discuss a complete list of our offerings and schedule an appointment.



In addition to well drilling, pump repair, and water treatments we can provide occasional inspections of your well and pump system that could very well help you avoid costly pump repairs down the road. In our experience, most people take running water for granted until something goes wrong and they don’t have it anymore. We highly recommend annual maintenance to your water system to prevent damage and expensive repair bills. Contact us to discuss inspection and service plans today!