Well Pump Repair

Our trained, professional staff provides service, repair, and installation on all makes and models of pumps.

In keeping with our mission to provide customers with the most reliable product on the market we use 'two wire' pumps. The heart of every well is its pump and motor and, essentially, there are two types of motors offered throughout the industry. The 'three wire' which has a control box on top of the well, 50-150′ from the motor with a relay and capacitors in it. The second is a 'two wire' motor. The two wire motor has no control box, therefore, no controls to breakdown. A two wire motor has a lightning arrester in front of all components, if a surge comes into the motor the arrester opens up protecting the system from the damaging affects of lightning. It then closes once the motor has cooled. Additionally, a two wire motor has an auto reverse mechanism that reverses the motor automatically if the pump happens to bind up. Two wire motors were built long before we ever entered into the well drilling business and have withstood the test of time proving to be the far better in terms of service and reliability.


The efficiency of a two wire pump was seen during a recent service call. A 35 year old pump and motor were pulled out of a well for the first time since their installation. The pump was worn out but the two wire motor ran like new.

While discussing the pros and cons of a two wire pump versus a three wire pump with a Franklin Electric motor technician, he mentioned that he would only install a two wire motor at his home. At our personal homes, we only install pumps with two wire Franklin Electric motors.

One of the oldest "tricks of the trade" in the pump repair business is to only sell three wire motors to insure future service work. North Florida Water Systems, Inc. does not endorse this practice and will only install two wire pumps as they provide our customers with the most reliable product on the market today. Contact us today to discuss service, repair or installation of your pump.

Emergency Calls

If you have a well emergency call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will answer. Your business is important to us, and we want you to know that from the minute you contact us.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Check for all services performed. Payment arrangements should be made at the time the service is completed.

We pride ourselves on being prepared and efficient in our business, which means that we can provide the best service with a minimal amount of down time. Our service trucks are of the highest quality and fully stocked with pumps, pipes, tanks, wires, fittings, and components to service any problem that may be present.

And remember, a sure way to keep your pump system running at peak performance is through a program of routine checkups. At North Florida Water Systems we service all makes and models of well pumps, well tanks, and complete well systems. Our pump service and repair programs include regular and preventive maintenance on your system. We will thoroughly inspect your system and notify you of any worn or wearing parts to insure you stay up and running at all times. Contact us today for more information.