What To Do If Your Well Water Turns Brown After Rainfall

What To Do If Your Well Water Turns Brown After Rainfall

During Florida’s stormy season, heavy rainfall can cause well water to start to taste strange or turn cloudy or brown. Well water that changes in color or taste is a sign of contamination, be it from rainwater runoff or septic cross-contamination. Contaminated water is a serious health hazard and a frustrating inconvenience that most well owners would undoubtedly prefer to avoid. Below, North Florida Water Systems Inc. shares some ways well owners can prepare for storm season and what should be done if your water becomes contaminated.

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Cloudy Water Troubleshooting

Cloudy well water can be caused by a few different issues, some of which are worse than others. Besides contamination from rainfall-runoff and septic cross-contamination, murky well water could also be attributed to rusty plumbing or water heater issues. Doing a little troubleshooting to determine which problem you have will save you time and money down the line.

First, check to see if both your hot and cold water come out discolored. If the hot water is cloudy but the cold water is not, then the problem is likely an issue with the hot water heater.

Second, test several faucets throughout the house. If only one tap in the home is releasing brownish water, then the problem may be rust in that particular fixture.

Finally, if you’ve had your water turned off for an extended period of time and just turned it back on, the problem could simply be rust or debris build-up in your pipes being dislodged. If this is the case, the water should clear after running for a little while. However, if it doesn’t clear and is none of the above issues, then the problem is most plausibly water well contamination.

Have Your Water Tested

The moment you notice your water has changed color or taste, stop using it. Don’t drink or cook with your water until you’ve had it tested. Having your cloudy well water tested will help you identify the source of the problem and how best to treat it.

At North Florida Water Systems Inc., we offer professional water testing and treatment services to help you diagnose the form of contamination you’re dealing with and respond accordingly. Depending upon the test results, our water treatment company will be able to advise you on whether you’ll need to install a new water filtration system or need water softening to treat water hardness. Diagnosing a well’s contamination early on is crucial to preventing future problems. Don’t wait — contact us immediately to schedule water purification!

Keep Up With Water Well Pump Maintenance

A properly maintained water well with a fitted seal cap shouldn’t usually have to worry about being polluted by rainwater runoff. Meaning, if your well has been contaminated following heavy rain, you likely have a bad seal on your well cap. Additionally, older wells may have been installed without grout around the pipe, allowing rainwater easier access into wells. Scheduling regular well pump maintenance can help you identify and repair problem areas around your well before they cause contamination.